Baabdat Family Trees - About Us - Our purpose

This website reflects in an honest and transparent way the image of Baabdat and whoever is related to the families of Baabdat in Lebanon and abroad. It opens the door to the youth of Baabdat who were born and raised abroad and who still long for the village of their roots, fortunately for Lebanon and Baabdat, to know better "their Baabdat and Lebanon", the people of their generation, the memory of their roots and the presence of a village that refuses to forget them.

It's your site. Your lives and stories will fill it. Your news will enrich it. Your successes will be a source of pride. Your weddings, births, sorrows, concerns... are the titles of the essence of this site. Wherever you go, you will reach that space for longing, meeting and emotional binding across the distance by just typing an address and clicking.

Your site will answer your questions or whatever you wish to ask about Lebanon, your home village and relatives wherever they are. You will discover each other, laugh together, and open discussion and meeting forums. You will speak out loud your worries, dreams and hopes, about the countries where you live and some of you were born. You'll get to know your home village Baabdat, the tile roof houses, the springs and the memory of the places your ancestors who left Baabdat one day didn't forget.

The website of the Baabdatis will be a cultural forum that relates your successes and the achievements of great people from Baabdat. It's a site for "supply and demand", cultural, economic, commercial, tourist, and humanitarian exchange. It will always be open for whoever has a lebanese origin from Baabdat and wishes to refresh his lebanese citizenship, find his roots and reinforce his belonging to Lebanon.

Do you originate from Baabdat? This is your site. It's enriched by your opinion, filled with your information and obsessed to bring at least your soul back.

People of Baabdat, sons of our immigrant ancestors in the Diaspora, you are welcome to your site.